5052-H32 Stamped Aluminum Sheet

The 5052 aluminum alloy belongs to the Al-Mg series alloy. It has good welding performance and cold working properties. It has medium strength and excellent corrosion resistance. It has a wide range of applications, especially in the construction industry. It can be used to manufacture aircraft fuel tanks, relays, hardware products, electrical enclosures, transportation vehicles, instruments, street light brackets, and rivets.

Process Performance


This alloy exhibits good plasticity in the hot-formed condition. Forging and die forging can be carried out at temperatures ranging from 420 to 475°C, with a deformation rate of over 80%. The cold stamping performance depends on the alloy state, with excellent performance in the annealed (O) state, followed by H32 and H34 states, while it is not ideal in the H36/H38 state.


This alloy possesses good weldability for gas welding, arc welding, resistance welding, spot welding, and seam welding. However, there is a tendency for crystalline cracking during argon arc welding. It has good performance in hard soldering, but poor performance in soft soldering. The weld seam exhibits high strength and plasticity, with weld strength reaching 90% to 95% of the base metal strength. However, the weld seam may have poor gas tightness. It is recommended to use 5A03 alloy as a filler material to improve gas tightness and eliminate crack tendency.


The cutting performance of this alloy in the annealed state is not favorable, but it improves in the cold work-hardened state.

Aluminum Sheet for Electrical Enclosures, Hardware Components, and 5052-H32 Stamped Aluminum Sheet Parts Price

The price of aluminum sheet for electrical enclosures, hardware components, and 5052-H32 stamped parts depends on various factors, such as the thickness and width requirements, demand quantity, and the price of aluminum ingots. To obtain specific pricing details for these products, it is necessary to consult the manufacturing company. Professional personnel will consider the actual requirements of the users and provide a more detailed product quotation.

Aluminum Sheet for Appliance Casings, Hardware Accessories, and 5052-H32 Stamped Aluminum Sheet Parts Manufacturer.

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