3003 extra wide(2600mm)aluminum plate

The international standard width of aluminum plates is 1000, 1200, 1220mm. The market generally defines an aluminum plate having a width of 1500mm or more as an extra wide aluminum plate. The extra wide aluminum plate can only be more than 1mm thick, and the material is mainly 3003 aluminum plate, 5052 aluminum plate and 6061 t6 aluminum plate. The 3003 extra wide aluminum plate has a bright future and has a large market space in some emerging industries such as shipbuilding, auto parts, electronic equipment and precision machinery.

We are a rare manufacturer of 3003 extra wide aluminum sheets in China, and introduced six-cylinder cold rolling mills to produce extra wide aluminum sheets with a width of 2600mm.

The six-roll cold rolling mill equipment has strong advantages, with high automation, high degree of informationization, automatic recycling of coil scrap, coil transport, coil storage, coil cooling, and coil shipment during material transportation; In the rolling process, the coiling of the coil, the measurement of the thickness of the coil, and the winding of the coil are automated. Realizing automation is to improve production efficiency, so as to fully realize the streamlining of personnel and the efficiency of workshop management. The production staff is standardized and equipped with three people (including the squad leader, the rolling mill assistant, and the preparation station operator). It has broken through the existing personnel structure and production staff configuration, and implemented the production requirements of high-quality personnel, high-tech equipment in the future, and maximum profit in the future.

Our company sells extra wide aluminum sheets, 3003 extra wide aluminum plate, 6061 t6 extra wide aluminum plate, 5052 extra wide aluminum plate, and 5083 extra wide aluminum plate.

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