3004 aluminum foil for food containers

In recent years, as international energy supply pressures have continued to increase, the global energy market has experienced intensified fluctuations, and the issues of non-renewable energy and resource scarcity have become increasingly severe. At the same time, curbing global warming and achieving the goal of “carbon neutrality” has become an international consensus, and accelerating the construction of a green and low-carbon development system has become the trend of the times.

Aluminum foil food containers, as a green packaging material, are becoming a new choice for the catering industry and food packaging. Food packaging containers made of 3004 aluminum foil offer excellent performance, environmental friendliness, energy efficiency, and high recyclability.

Product Information for Environmentally Friendly Food Containers – Food Packaging Containers Using 3004 Aluminum Foil:

● Thickness: 0.03mm – 0.20mm
● Width (mm): 100-1700
● Length (mm): Customizable (C)
●Typical Products: Food container materials, food foil, bread tray aluminum foil boxes, food packaging boxes, container foil, etc.

Mingtai Aluminum is a manufacturer of aluminum foil raw materials for food containers (without subsequent processing such as lamination or coating, only providing plain aluminum foil as the base material).

◆Advantages of Aluminum Foil for Food Containers – 3004 Aluminum Foil for Food Packaging:

⒈High barrier properties: Aluminum foil has high barrier properties against water, water vapor, various light sources, and gases. Its barrier performance is not affected by environmental temperature or humidity.

⒉Good thermal conductivity, heat resistance, and low-temperature resistance: Aluminum foil can withstand high-temperature cooking and other heat processing. It has good thermal conductivity (thermal conductivity can reach 55%) and does not produce harmful substances when heated.

⒊Easy to process and shape, convenient for sealing and carrying, ensuring food safety and hygiene: Aluminum foil is easy to shape and can achieve good sealing, insulation, and freshness preservation capabilities.

⒋Green and environmentally friendly, easy for efficient recycling and reuse: Aluminum has good recyclability and recyclable properties. It can be recycled indefinitely while retaining its original characteristics.

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