5052 aluminum plate for chemical storage tanks and aluminum silos manufacturer

As we all know, an aluminum alloy plate is an industrial building material that can be used in various industries depending on the material. Aluminum silos are mostly used for storage purposes. The main material for aluminum alloy silos is often selected as 5052 aluminum plate, in the H112 temper. 5052 aluminum plate belongs to the AL-Mg series alloy, and magnesium is the main alloying element. It is a widely used rust-proof aluminum alloy.

◆Specifications of 5052 aluminum plates for chemical storage tanks and aluminum silos:

● Material temper: F, O, H

● Thickness (mm): 0.1-600

● Width (mm): 20-2650

● Length (mm): 500-16000

● Typical products: silos, aluminum oxide plate, automotive aluminum plate, chassis cabinets, engraving aluminum plate, molds, mask machines, electronic stamping parts, etc.

◆The outstanding performance of 5052 aluminum plates for chemical storage tanks and aluminum silos are:

⒈ 5052 aluminum plate is an aluminum-magnesium alloy product with strong rust and corrosion resistance.

⒉ It has a small density, light weight, high plasticity, and is easy to process.

⒊ It is a medium-hardness non-strengthening heat-treatable alloy with high hardness and a lighter weight than other elemental metals, suitable for the environmental requirements of silos.

⒋ 5052 aluminum plate has good anodizing performance, and the surface will not have color difference after oxidation treatment, maintaining stable performance.

⒌ It has excellent processing performance, and performs well in gas welding, arc welding, resistance welding, spot welding, and seam welding.

⒍ The strength and plasticity of the weld are high, with a weld strength of 90% to 95% of the base material strength, but the airtightness of the weld is not high.

◆5052 aluminum plate for chemical storage tanks and aluminum silos manufacturer- Henan Mingtai Aluminum Industrial Co. Ltd
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Mingtai Aluminum Industry has a price advantage for 5052 aluminum plates used in chemical storage tanks and aluminum silos: it follows a direct sales model, and the 5052 aluminum plate is sold at the factory price, which is more cost-effective compared to some traders.

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