5005 Aluminum Sheet

Thickness: 0.1-500mm

Application: curtain wall panels, cooking utensils, instrument shells, architectural decorations.

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5005 Aluminum Sheet Plate H34 Supplier In China

5005 aluminum sheet belongs to 5-series Al-Mg alloy, but the content of the main alloy Mg is less than that of other 5-series alloy sheets, so it has a slightly higher corrosion resistance than the 3-series alloy. Among them, the performance of 5005 aluminum alloy is similar to that of 3 series 3003 aluminum alloy, with moderate strength, good fusion, processing, and formability, but its anodic oxidation effect is better than that of 3003 aluminum alloy, the oxide film is brighter, and can achieve the same color as that of 6063 alloys! Therefore, This aluminum steel plate is commonly used for high-end wide-format curtain wall panels, architectural ornaments, vehicle interior materials, instrument panels, oxidizing materials, cooking utensils, conductors, and other aspects.

Strength of Mingtai Aluminum Production 5005 Aluminum Sheet

  • 1 5,000 Tons/Month output, high production capability will shorten your wait time;
  • 2 The "1+1" production line put into operation by Mingtai Aluminum provides a strong foundation for the large-scale production of 5005 aluminum plates and further ensures the good performance of 5005 aluminum plates;
  • 3 Advanced equipment. The introduction of SMS six-roll cold rolling mill equipment can produce 2600mm ultra-wide aluminum;
  • 4 There are many types of products produced, and the specifications are relatively complete and can be reasonably tailored according to the actual needs of users. the delivery time is 25-30 days;
  • 5 Factory Direct Sale. All of the products are directly ex-factory prices, which greatly reduces the cost of intermediate circulation, so the price is much more advantageous in the market

Technical Parameter of Mingtai 5005 Aluminum Sheet




F,O,H12,H14,H16 H18,H19,H22,H24,








Annealing process of 5005 aluminum sheet plate

Production process: melting and casting → uniform fire → sawing → milling → heating → hot rolling → medium temperature rolling → pre-cutting → finished annealing → straightening → cutting finished products → finished product acceptance.

Do annealing temperature affect the properties of 5005 sheet?

With the increase of the annealing temperature and the prolongation of the holding time, the tensile strength and yield strength of the 5005 aluminum alloy sheet gradually decreased, and the elongation increased gradually. The process of crystallization and grain growth. Before the annealing temperature of 200℃, the tensile strength, yield strength and elongation of the 5005 aluminum alloy sheet did not change significantly, and it was in the recovery stage at this time.

When the temperature is 200 ℃ ~ 310 ℃, the mechanical properties of the sheet change greatly. In this temperature range, a large number of new grains (ie nuclei) appear in the cold working structure, and gradually grow up, forming at 310 ℃, etc. The recrystallized grains of the shaft basically complete the recrystallization process. When the temperature is higher than 310 °C, the mechanical properties of the sheet do not change much and begin to stabilize, indicating that the recrystallization process has been completed.

Therefore, the annealing holding time has little effect on the tensile strength, yield strength and elongation of 5005 aluminum alloy sheet.

The difference between 5005 aluminum alloy sheet and other alloys

Among the 5000 series aluminum plates, in addition to 5005, there are 5083 aluminum sheet,5052 aluminum plates, 5252 aluminum sheet, 5454 aluminum sheets, 5754 aluminum plates, 5A02 aluminum plates, and 5A03 aluminum plates. The difference between 5005 and the same series of alloy plates is not big, but it is quite different from 3003 aluminum sheet of 3000 series, 6061 aluminum sheet of 6000 series, and 6082 aluminum plate

Aluminum 5005 vs 3003: The strength of 5005 aluminum plate is equivalent to that of 3003. 5005 belongs to aluminum-magnesium alloy and is not hardened by heat treatment. It can increase the hardness by cold rolling. 3003 belongs to aluminum-manganese alloy, which cannot be strengthened by heat treatment, and its mechanical properties are improved by cold working method. Good workability 5005 aluminum plate is similar to 3003 alloy, with medium strength and good corrosion resistance.

5005 aluminum vs 5052:The hardness of 5005 alloy aluminum plate is not as good as that of 5052, and it is often used in thermal insulation materials, while 5052 is often used in scenarios with high corrosion resistance requirements. 5052 aluminum plate is a widely used anti-rust aluminum, and its products are widely used in trolley cases, fuel tank materials, liquid crystal backplanes, tank materials, door materials and other fields.

5005 aluminum vs 6061: The 6061 aluminum plate is generally in the state of T6 and T651, and the 5005 aluminum plate is generally in the state of H12, H24, H32, and H34; It is the anti-rust function, not the anti-strength function.

5005 Aluminum Sheet Applications

◆ 5005 Aluminum Sheet for Curtain Wall

5005 aluminum sheets can be used as high-end wide-format curtain wall material, which has the advantage of excellent anodic oxidation effect compared with the commonly used 3003 aluminum sheets for curtain walls. In addition, 5005 aluminum alloy is light, only one-fifth of the marble, one-third of the glass curtain wall, and can be perfectly combined with the glass and stone curtain wall material, presenting a fashion, trend, unique modern architectural style. It is worth mentioning that, the cost-effective price, as well as the low maintenance cost in the later period, make the architects more favor to the 5005 aluminum sheet!

◆ Other Usages

Besides, As a China aluminum company, Mingtai can offer 5005 aluminum sheets and different types of aluminum alloys that are also commonly used for building decoration parts, vehicle interior materials, instrument panels, oxidizing materials, cooking utensils, conductors, and other manufacturing.

Where to buy 5005 aluminum sheet?

Before purchasing, it is necessary to understand the production capacity of this aluminum sheet supplier, whether it can meet the delivery time required by itself, whether it can meet the qualification standards of its own country, whether it has the strength of long-term supply, and whether it can provide the most suitable 5005 aluminium sheet price. In this way, you can save economic costs for your future purchases.

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