5052 aluminum sheet for automotive roof panel

5052 aluminum alloy belongs to the Al-Mg series alloy, which has good cold working performance and excellent formability. It is corrosion-resistant, highly ductile, and has high strength and fatigue resistance. With the promotion of lightweight automobiles to reduce fuel consumption and minimize environmental pollution, the use of aluminum alloys in car bodies has become increasingly widespread. The use of 5052 aluminum sheet for automotive roof panels offers excellent ductility, easy formability, high recyclability, and energy-saving environmental benefits.

Product Information for Automotive Roof Panel – 5052 Aluminum Sheet

◆ Thickness (mm): 0.15-600

◆ Length (mm): 500-16000

◆ Material Status: O, H12, H14, H16, H18, H19, H22, H24, H26, H28, H32, H34, H36, H38, H111, H112, H114, H116, H321

◆ Typical Applications: Aluminum sheet for oxidation, marine sheet metal parts, chemical and petroleum storage facilities, etc.

Chemical Composition:

Aluminum (Al): Remainder

Silicon (Si): ≤0.25

Copper (Cu): ≤0.10

Magnesium (Mg): 2.2~2.8

Zinc (Zn): ≤0.10

Manganese (Mn): ≤0.10

Chromium (Cr): 0.15~0.35

Iron (Fe): ≤0.40

Note: Individual: ≤0.05; Total: ≤0.15

Density: 0.000272

Mechanical Properties:
Tensile Strength (σb): 170-305 MPa

Yield Strength (σ0.2): ≥65 MPa

Elastic Modulus (E): 69.3-70.7 GPa

Annealing Temperature: 345°C.

price of 5052 aluminum sheet for automotive roof panels

The specific price of 5052 aluminum sheet for automotive roof panels depends on your specific requirements for the product, as different material states and thicknesses will have varying prices. Currently, there are many manufacturers producing this product in the market, and the manufacturing costs may vary among different manufacturers. Therefore, if you want to know the exact price of 5052 aluminum sheet for automotive roof panels, it is recommended to consult specific manufacturers of 5052 aluminum sheet.

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