medium-thick 6061 aluminum plates supplier

Medium-thick 6061 aluminum plate mainly refers to aluminum plates with a thickness greater than 6mm. Mingtai Aluminum is a supplier of 6061 aluminum alloy, a domestically listed aluminum plate manufacturer, providing standard 6061 aluminum plate products with thickness ranging from 1mm to 500mm. Medium-thick aluminum plates have relatively high processing difficulty and are prone to issues such as pitting, oxidation color difference, and deformation when cutting into smaller pieces during the processing.

Mingtai Aluminum’s independently developed “1+1” hot rolling production line is a dedicated production line designed for medium-thick plates. It has a high level of technology and mature processes. The processed 6061 medium-thick plates have excellent oxidation coloring effects, stable and reliable performance, and are free from pitting. They can be widely applied in various industries such as shipbuilding, machinery, molds, automobiles, and pressure vessels.

Advantages Performance of medium-thick 6061 aluminum plates

The independently developed “1+1” hot rolling production line has provided a strong and solid foundation for the large-scale production of medium-thick 6061 aluminum plates.

◆ It possesses excellent heat resistance, superior processing performance, and is easy to be formed.

◆ It exhibits good corrosion resistance, is not easily corroded, and has high elongation and durability.

◆ It has good plate shape, uniform appearance, bright and smooth surface, fine texture, free from pitting and with excellent oxidation effect. It is smooth with relatively even brightness.

Mingtai Aluminum Industry, a direct manufacturer of medium-thick plates, offers competitive prices

Henan Mingtai Aluminum Industry is a professional manufacturer of large-scale medium-thick aluminum plates. We integrate research and development, production, and sales. Our products have excellent advantages in terms of quality, price, and after-sales service, making us a trustworthy aluminum plate manufacturer. If you need more information about our products or inquiries regarding processing fees, please feel free to contact our dedicated professionals who will provide you with detailed answers.

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