5052 aluminum sheet for the stamping parts of the power battery

The stamping parts for automotive power batteries mainly include power battery aluminum shells, cover plates, explosion-proof valves, SSD flip chips, negative pole rivet blocks, positive pole rivet blocks, negative pole pillars, positive pole conductive blocks, and other components. Different models of power batteries have different sizes of accessories. These stamping parts are generally made of 5052 aluminum sheet, which has high strength, good weldability, and antioxidation properties. In the manufacturing process, precision stamping technology and continuous cold extrusion processing are required to ensure the quality and performance of the products.

5052 Aluminum Sheet for Power Battery Stamping Parts

◆ Thickness: 0.2mm-300mm

◆ Width: 100mm-2600mm

◆ Length: 500mm-16000mm

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Product Performance Characteristics of 5052 Aluminum Sheet for Power Battery Stamping Parts:

Corrosion Resistance: 5052 aluminum sheet exhibits excellent oxidation resistance and corrosion resistance, making it suitable for harsh conditions such as marine and chemical environments.

Weldability: 5052 aluminum sheet has excellent weldability and can be processed through various welding methods. It provides high weld strength and is less prone to issues like cracking or deformation. Therefore, this material is widely used in industries that require high-strength welding, such as aerospace, automotive, and shipbuilding.

Abrasion Resistance: The surface of 5052 aluminum sheet undergoes special treatment, resulting in higher hardness and abrasion resistance. Thus, when manufacturing equipment and mechanical components that require wear-resistant materials, this material is a highly ideal choice.

High Strength: 5052 aluminum sheet possesses high strength, enabling it to withstand significant loads. It also maintains stable strength and hardness even in high-temperature environments. This feature has led to the increasingly widespread application of 5052 aluminum sheet in aviation, aerospace, automotive, and other industries.

Stamping Performance: Power battery stamping parts require good stamping performance to meet complex shape and structural requirements. 5052 aluminum sheet exhibits good plasticity and ductility, meeting the demands of stamping processes.

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