1070 aluminum sheet strip used for cosmetic bottle caps

In the field of cosmetic packaging, aluminum caps or cosmetic aluminum caps are used to prevent moisture and oxidation, ensuring the quality and safety of cosmetic products. Additionally, aluminum caps enhance the sealing performance of bottles, preventing liquid leakage and contamination.

Aluminum caps and aluminum alloy bottle caps/cosmetic caps are typically made from aluminum alloy materials. The alloy materials possess excellent processing performance and malleability, making them durable and aesthetically pleasing. They can undergo various processing methods such as stamping, stretching, and die-casting to produce aluminum caps/cosmetic caps of various shapes and sizes.

Product information for 1070 aluminum sheet strip used for cosmetic bottle caps

Aluminum caps, aluminum alloy caps, and cosmetic aluminum caps are typically made using 1070 aluminum alloy material. This aluminum alloy exhibits excellent plasticity and processing performance, allowing for deep processing to create aluminum caps of various shapes and sizes.

◆ Alloy grade: 1070 aluminum alloy

◆ Temper: H14, H24, H26, etc.

◆ Thickness range: Typically varies from 0.2 to 0.5mm

◆ Performance characteristics: Easy to stretch, stable performance, smooth and delicate surface, tensile strength greater than 95.

◆In the production of aluminum caps, alloys with high elongation, such as 1070 aluminum alloy, are commonly used. 1070 aluminum alloy belongs to the pure aluminum series and exhibits excellent elongation and tensile strength, making it suitable for standard processing requirements such as stamping and stretching. It is often used as raw material for aluminum caps. Additionally, to meet the requirements of cosmetic packaging, the aluminum cap material should have a flat surface without wrinkles, scratches, or stains.

Mingtai Aluminum has advanced production equipment and processing techniques that ensure the machining quality and production efficiency of aluminum caps. Its cosmetic aluminum caps feature excellent sealing performance, leakage resistance, and lightweight, effectively protecting the quality of cosmetics and extending the shelf life of products.

Mingtai Aluminum maintains strict quality control over 1070 aluminum alloy materials, demanding smooth surfaces without defects such as rolling marks, scratches, or stains. Additionally, to meet the requirements of cosmetic packaging, Mingtai Aluminum strictly controls the dimensional deviations and precision of aluminum caps, ensuring that each product meets high-quality standards. For more information on products and processing fees, or to speak with a professional representative, please call our consultation hotline( 008617760728273 ) for detailed assistance.

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