5052|5182 Aluminum Alloy for Battery Box Bottom Plate

The bottom plate of the new energy vehicle battery box, also known as the battery pack bottom metal plate, is mainly made of aluminum alloy material. It serves primarily to protect the battery. As a supporting and protective structure of the new energy vehicle battery pack, the battery box bottom plate can prevent the battery pack from being affected by external impact and vibration, enhance the rigidity and stability of the vehicle body, and ensure the safe and stable operation of the battery pack. Currently, for the battery box bottom plate material, Mingtai has cooperated with multiple customers who prefer to use 5052 aluminum alloy | 5182 aluminum alloy. Mingtai provides samples and customization according to specific requirements.

Specifications of 5052|5182 Aluminum Alloy for Automotive Battery Box Bottom Plate

◆ Temper: H14/O

◆ Thickness: Generally between 1.0-3.0mm;

◆ Length: Customizable;

◆ Width: Customizable.

The above specifications are commonly used by our current cooperative clients. Mingtai can customize production based on the actual needs of customers. Samples can be provided. The specific product specifications may vary due to factors such as the manufacturer, production process, and material composition. Therefore, it is necessary to select the appropriate specifications based on specific circumstances in practical applications.

Outstanding Performance Advantages of 5052 or 5182 Aluminum Alloy for Automotive Battery Tray Bottom Plate:

Corrosion Resistance: 5052|5182 aluminum alloy exhibits excellent corrosion resistance, capable of withstanding corrosive environments that may be encountered in the use of new energy vehicles.

Mechanical Performance: Both of these aluminum alloys possess good mechanical properties, providing sufficient strength and rigidity to support and protect the battery tray bottom plate of new energy vehicles.

Processability: Both 5052 and 5182 aluminum alloys exhibit good processability, allowing for cutting, bending, drilling, and other machining operations to meet the design and production requirements of new energy vehicle battery tray bottom plates.

Lightweight Advantage: Aluminum alloy, as a lightweight material, can reduce the weight of new energy vehicles, thereby improving fuel economy and driving performance.

Environmental Sustainability: Aluminum alloy is recyclable, aligning with the concept of environmental sustainability and reducing resource waste.

Mingtai Aluminum Industry_Professional Manufacturer of 5052|5182 Aluminum Alloy for Battery Box Bottom Plate

Mingtai Aluminum Industry has a strong equipment system, advanced automated equipment, and a high level of intelligent platform, providing strong support for the production of 5052|5182 aluminum alloy for battery box bottom plate in new energy vehicles.

We have a strong team of scientific research talents and utilize production equipment and R&D instrument technologies at a high level. This enables us to provide high-quality 5052|5182 aluminum alloy for battery box bottom plate in the new energy vehicle market, meeting various demands such as standardized production and customized production. For more information about our products and processing fees, or to speak with a professional consultant who can provide you with a detailed answer, please dial our inquiry hotline!

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