5059 Aluminum Sheet

Thickness: 1-500mm

Application: ships, tankers, automobiles, machinery, and equipment

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5059 Aluminum Alloy Plate Supplier Mingtai Aluminum China

5059 aluminum plate belongs to Al-Mg series anti-rust aluminum. The strength is higher than 3A21 aluminum plate. Especially it has higher fatigue strength, plasticity and corrosion resistance.

Mingtai Aluminum China is a 5059 aluminum supplier. The main type is 5005,5052,5052A,5052B,5059,5083,5086,5182,5252,5454,5754,5A02,5A03,5A05,5A06,5M52 aluminum sheet.

5059 Aluminum Equivalents: ENAW-AlMg5.5MnZnZr, ( ENAW-5059 )

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Characteristics of Mingtai Aluminum Production 5059 Aluminum Sheet

  • 1 5059 has a density of 2.67 kg/m3, Melting point is 590 °C ( =1.090 °F).;
  • 2 5059 aluminum plate has high tensile strength. Good welding performance. Features such as strong resistance to sea water and marine climate corrosion. So, it is widely used in shipbuilding;
  • 3 5059 aluminum plate has good electrical conductivity and energy absorption performance. It is an ideal material for manufacturing various liquid, liquefied gas, and powder tankers;

Technical Parameter of Mingtai 5059 Aluminum Sheet




F,O,H12,H14,H16 H18,H19,H22,H24,








Aluminum products of Mingtai Aluminum meet the export popular

  • Install wooden pallets. Use steel belts to reinforce them to avoid collisions during transportation.
  • Can be packed as per customer’s requirements.

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