5083 aluminum plate for ship deck

5083 aluminum plate is a typical rust-proof aluminum, with good weldability and medium strength, very good corrosion resistance, the typical alloy state is: 5083 h116 aluminum sheet, 5083 H321 aluminum plate. 5083 aluminum plate is widely used in ships, automobiles, transportation equipment, refrigeration devices, TV towers, etc. In the field of shipbuilding, it is usually used to make deck.

The deck is an important structural part of the hull, which is used to seal the space inside the ship and separate it horizontally into layers, and the deck is divided into upper, middle and lower parts. The deck is made up of plates and skeletons. It plays an important role in ensuring hull strength and unsinkability, and also provides the layout of various cabins and mechanical equipment. 5083 aluminum plate has low density, high tensile strength, high elongation and good corrosion resistance. which is very suitable for deck fabrication of hulls.

The surface of 5083 aluminum plate produced by us is free of oil spots, no waves, no scratches, neat trimming, and no glitches. Welcome to inquire.

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