5083-h321 aluminum plate in Europe

5083-h321 aluminum plate
5083-h321 aluminum plate is known for its excellent performance in extreme environments. 5083 marine grade aluminum plate belongs to 5xxx aluminum magnesium alloy. It is a typical rust-proof aluminum plate with good corrosion resistance, excellent weldability and good cold workability. 5083 is highly resistant to corrosion in seawater and industrial chemical environments, and the most commonly used temper is H321.

5083-h321 aluminum plate also maintains excellent strength after welding. It has the highest strength of a non-heat treatable alloy, but is not recommended for use above 65°C. It is an aluminum plate with a magnesium content of more than 4.0%. It has good mechanical properties and resistance to exfoliation corrosion. Its tensile strength (MPa) is greater than 305Mpa, the conditional yield strength (Mpa) is greater than 215MPa, the elongation rate is 10 (%) greater than 20, and the elongation rate (5%) is greater than 12.

Application: 5083-h321 aluminum plate is mainly used in superstructures of marine and marine engineering, storage tanks, ferries, yachts, patrol boats, superstructures and lifting platforms of other large ships, drilling platforms, as well as engine bases, ship sides, and bottom outer plates and other parts.
The difference between 5083 alloy and 5086 alloy:

5086 is considered a premium alloy for use in marine environments, 5086 aluminum has similar properties to 5083 but is stronger. This alloy is so close to its 5083 sibling that the two are arguably interchangeable. The strength of 5086 increases when cold worked.

The difference between 5083 alloy and 6061 alloy:

The 6061 aluminum alloy is heat treated (T6) to achieve medium strength, and the strength is higher than that of the 5083 material; the material of the 6061 T651 aluminum plate is easier to process than European 5083-h116 aluminum plate.

5083-h321 aluminum plate manufacturer
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