8011 O 30 micron aluminum foil for hookah packaging

Hookah smokers mainly use hookah aluminum foil to maximize the smoking experience of hookah. 30 micron aluminum foil is one of the most popular aluminum foils in Arab countries. You will no longer need to inhale the smoke of household aluminum foil, because these pre-cut round hookah foils are 100% safe and are designed specifically for smoking hookahs Made. Hookah aluminum foil is specially designed for any hookah bowl and can replace household aluminum foil and charcoal filter. Just put a piece of foil on your hookah bowl and poke some holes in it. Then put charcoal on top of the hookah aluminum foil to experience the difference. Hookah aluminum foil can protect tobacco from the ideal thickness required for charcoal heating, it is very convenient, easy to use and can be used immediately!

At Mingtai Aluminum Foil, we Strictly control the quality of raw materials, making our aluminum foil brighter.&softer and flexible.Through Strictly testing the quality of the finished products, Making the single-roll aluminum foil joints less.Your work more efficiently.

Specific Size of Mingtai Aluminum Foil 8011

Product Grade Temper Thickness Width Surface
Pharmacy Foil 1235 /8011  H18 0.018-0.2 200-1600 One side bright
Container Foil 3003 /3004 /5052/ 8011 H22 H24 O 0.04-0.2 200-1600 Two sides bright
Food Soft Packing Foil 8011 1235 O, H22, H24 0.02-0.03 200-1600 One side bright

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