6016 Aluminum Alloy Sheet Used in Automobile Fender

6016 aluminum alloy sheet for automobile fender is an aluminum alloy plate with good corrosion resistance, excellent welding performance, good cold workability, and medium strength. It is widely used in lightweight aluminum for automobiles, not only for automobile wings The sub-plate can also be used in many parts such as automobile body panels, reinforcements, operation panels, brackets, etc. Its plate shape is good, easy to process, and is well recognized by the market.

What Factors Affect The Price Increase Of 6016 Aluminum Sheet For Automobile Fenders

◆ Product Specifications

As we all know, there are many specifications of 6016 aluminum sheet for automobile fenders, the thickness and width of which can be produced are large, and the state is relatively complete, so there will be certain differences in price, so how much is the price of 6016 aluminum alloy for specific automobile fenders? ton? It also needs to be determined according to the selection of different specifications.

◆ Manufacturer type

The prices given by manufacturers of 6016 aluminum sheets for automobile fenders under different operating modes are different. For example, the product quotations given by direct selling manufacturers are all ex-factory prices, while those who sell 6016 aluminum sheets for automobile fenders through consignment For manufacturers, the price given will be relatively slightly higher, so it is recommended that when purchasing products, users may consider purchasing from some large and regular 6016 aluminum plate direct-selling manufacturers for automobile fenders. The quality of the product is guaranteed, the price is more affordable, and the after-sales service is relatively perfect.

6016 Aluminum Plate Price For Automobile Fender

Due to different manufacturers, the prices of 6016 aluminum sheets for automobile fenders with different specifications are different, so there is no exact one. The quotation of 6016 aluminum sheets for automobile fenders is detailed. The specific product price needs to be combined with the products required by users. Thickness, width, use, state, raw materials and other aspects are comprehensively considered for calculation. As for the specific price of 6016 aluminum plate for automobile fenders, if you want to know more, you can call or leave a message.

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