1100 H24 Aluminum Sheet

1100 aluminum plate belongs to 1 series pure aluminum plate, H24 state, indicating that the aluminum plate is not completely annealed after work hardening, and the strength reaches medium, and H24 is the state of the aluminum plate, that is, the degree of softness and hardness. The aluminum content of 1100 aluminum plate reaches 99.00%. 1100 pure aluminum plate has the general characteristics of aluminum alloy, such as low density, good electrical and thermal conductivity, good corrosion resistance and good plastic processing performance.

In addition to h24, the common normal state of 1100 aluminum plate is O, H12, H14, H16, H18, H19, H22, H26, H28, H112, etc.

What Are The Applications Of 1100 H24 Aluminum Plate Sheet

◆ 1100 H24 Aluminum Sheet For Circuit Board/Aluminum Substrate

The heat dissipation of the 1100 h24 aluminum sheet plate is higher than that of the iron plate, so the heat dissipation performance is good, and the insulation and reliability are very stable. Circuit board/aluminum substrate When choosing a metal substrate as a circuit board design, the heat dissipation performance is mainly considered, so the 1100 24 aluminum sheet plate is very popular in the market.

Advantages: strong corrosion resistance, good electrical and thermal conductivity, excellent heat dissipation, low density, good plasticity, easy processing, excellent ductility, and weldable.

Applicable fields: aluminum composite panels, circuit boards, etc. 1100 aluminum strips are generally used in utensils, heat sinks, bottle caps, printed boards, building materials, heat exchanger components, circuit boards, household cooking utensils, etc.

At present, the most commonly used aluminum plate in circuit board factories is 1100 aluminum plate. In addition, 5052 aluminum plate is also suitable. If you want to know more about 5052 aluminum plate, you can contact us at Email: sales@mingtai-al.com.

◆ 1100 H24 Aluminum Sheet For Passenger Car/Bus Door

1100 h24 aluminum sheet has good forming performance, high corrosion resistance, low density and excellent ductility, so 1100 h24 aluminum sheet is widely used in the lightweight of passenger cars. For example, passenger car/bus doors all use 1100 aluminum plate.

Advantages: 1100 h24 aluminum sheets are used for the doors of passenger cars/buses to reduce the weight of the body and reduce the fuel consumption after the year-on-year decrease. Anodizing further improves corrosion resistance while achieving an aesthetically pleasing finish.

Application areas: used in automobile, construction and other fields, chemical handling and storage equipment, sheet metal products, hollow hardware processed by drawing goods spinning, welding combination keys, reflectors, nameplates, etc.

The lightweight of automobiles is not only reflected in the important parts such as engine, chassis and heat exchange system, but also includes the lightweight of doors, skins, fuel tanks, steering wheels, seats, bumpers, wheels and luggage. Each part has different requirements for its performance, and the alloys used are also very different.

◆ 1100 H24 Aluminum Alloy For Curtain Wall Aluminum Veneer

The aluminum veneer is made of 1100 H24 aluminum alloy sheet as the base material, formed by CNC bending and other technologies, and then sprayed with decorative paint on the surface. It has become a new type of curtain wall material and is currently very popular.

Advantages: light weight, high strength, good weather resistance and corrosion resistance, not easy to stain, easy to clean and maintain, convenient and fast installation and construction, recyclable and high recovery value.

Applicable fields: It can not only be used as a building material decoration material, but also used in the metal box packaging of furniture, household appliances, electronic products and other products in daily life.

In addition to 1100 H24 aluminum alloy , the aluminum veneer substrate can also use 1060 H24 aluminum plate, 3003 H24 aluminum plate, 5005 H24 and other special single-layer aluminum alloy plates for curtain walls. The structure of aluminum veneer is mainly composed of panels, reinforcing ribs and corner yards.

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