6063 Aluminum Sheet

Thickness: 0.3-600mm

Application: passenger car body structural parts, automobile engine parts, automobile wheels, mobile phone shells, precision molds

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6063 Aluminum Sheet & Plate – China Manufacturer, Complete Range

6063 aluminum sheet is a medium-strength heat-resistant strengthened alloy in the AL-Mg-Si series. Mg and Si are the main alloying elements. The percentages of Mg and Si are different, and the characteristics are also different. The higher the Mg content, the greater the amount of Mg2Si, and the greater the heat treatment strengthening effect; increasing the Si content, the alloy grains become finer, the metal fluidity increases, the casting performance becomes better, and the heat treatment strengthening effect increases. The aluminum 6063 has generally good mechanical properties and is heat treatable and highly weldable. The material can be reheat-treated to restore a higher temper for the whole piece. However, it has half the strength of aluminum 6061 alloys. It is typically produced with very smooth surfaces fit for anodizing

Mingtai Aluminum is a 6063 aluminum sheet supplier. We can supply F, O, H112, T4, T6, T651, and other aluminum plates in different states. 6063 t6 aluminum plates. 6063 t651 aluminum plates and aluminum plates have high market sales.

The thickness is 0.3-600mm. The width is 2650mm. We are a rare 6063 ultra-wide aluminum plate manufacturer in China.

We can supply 6063 stretched aluminum sheets. 6063 pattern aluminum sheet. 6063 national standard aluminum sheet, 6063 medium-thick aluminum sheet, 6063 ultra-wide aluminum sheet.

Strength of Mingtai Aluminum Production 6063 Aluminum Sheet

  • 11000 Tons/Month output, high production capability will shorten your wait time. ;
  • 2 Mingtai Aluminum has a large and regular factory area, a listed company with strong strength, rich production experience, stable and reliable product performance, scientific production scheduling, and fast delivery;
  • 3 Advanced equipment. The introduction of SMS six-roll cold rolling mill equipment can produce 2600mm ultra-wide 6063 aluminum;
  • 4 Mingtai Aluminum has strong strength, with 6 semi-continuous casting production lines, 10 continuous casting and rolling production lines, and 44 other large-scale processing equipment, with an annual production capacity of 1.4 million tons;

Technical Parameter of Mingtai 6063 Aluminum Sheet




F, O, T4, T6, T651, H112








Packing Detail of 6063 Aluminum Sheet

  • Standard seaworthy export packaging. Wooden pallets with plastics protection for the coil and sheet;
  • The packaging can be eye to sky or eye to wall based on the customer's requirement;
  • 16-20 MT can be located into 20FCL, the sea freight rate is much cheaper than 40FCL;
  • Delivery Time: 15-35 days after receiving LC or deposit 30%;

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