6082-T651 medium-thick aluminum plate price per ton

6082 aluminum sheet belongs to the 6xxx series (aluminum-magnesium-silicon) alloy. It is a heat-treatable aluminum alloy sheet with moderate strength and good welding performance. It also offers excellent corrosion resistance. This type of aluminum sheet is mainly used in transportation and structural engineering industries. Some applications include bridges, cranes, roof frameworks, transport machines, shipping vessels, ship components, and hardware, among others.

Introduction to 6082-T651 Thick Aluminum Plate

6082 aluminum is a very common alloy, and T651 refers to the temper state after aging, which helps remove internal stresses. The thickness is greater than 20mm, and it undergoes processing steps such as hot rolling, quenching, and straightening. In comparison to 6082-T6, 6082-T651 undergoes an additional stress-relieving procedure through stretching, resulting in an HBW hardness of 83-94.

This alloy exhibits good plasticity in the hot-formed condition. Forging and die forging can be carried out at temperatures ranging from 420 to 475°C, with a deformation rate of over 80%. The cold stamping performance depends on the alloy state, with excellent performance in the annealed (O) state, followed by H32 and H34 states, while it is not ideal in the H36/H38 state.

Performance characteristics of 6082-T651 thick plate:

◆ It has good corrosion resistance, can be machined, welded, and has excellent formability.

◆ It has medium strength and maintains good workability after annealing.

◆ It has good anodic reaction performance and commonly used anodic reaction methods include impurity removal, coloring, and coating.

◆ It is easy to polish, achieve color film coating, and has excellent oxidation effect.

◆ It has high strength, high toughness, good usability, and excellent interfacial characteristics.

Price of 6082-T651 medium-thick aluminum plate per ton

What is the market price for 6082-T651 medium-thick aluminum plates? How much does it cost to purchase one ton of 6082-T651 medium-thick plates? The price of this product is a concern for many users. However, the price varies depending on the selected product’s thickness and width requirements, and different manufacturers provide different quotations. Generally, the price is calculated based on the aluminum ingot price and processing fees. To obtain specific pricing information, it is necessary to consider your own production needs and choose the product and manufacturer accordingly. To get detailed specifications and a quotation for 6082-T651 medium-thick plates, you can click on the online consultation for further assistance.

Manufacturer supplies 6082-T651 medium-thick plates with favorable prices

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