8011 Easy-Open Cover Aluminum Foil

The finished product is produced with Mingtai Aluminum’s 8011-H18 easy-open lid aluminum foil material: stable physical properties, easy to punch, and high strength. The surface texture is fine and there is no black silk and black lines.

Dairy product packaging materials must comply with relevant national health and quality standards. They are easily affected by external factors, which can shorten their shelf life and affect their taste. Generally, materials for milk caps, heat-sealed milk cap foil, and yogurt easy-tear caps are aluminum foil composite materials. Their structure is mostly composed of three layers of polyester, aluminum foil, and heat-sealing layer (PET/AL/PE·EVA), which provides good sealing performance, safety and hygiene, aesthetic surface, and easy transportation and storage.

Introduction to 8011 Aluminum Foil for Milk Cap
Heat-sealed aluminum foil is used for milk cap materials after printing or coating, and is used for packaging milk and yogurt products. Due to the good sealing performance of aluminum foil, the high strength of the composite film, and the superior sealing process, it has become the preferred material for heat-sealed milk products. 8011 aluminum foil is a commonly used material for milk caps due to its good ductility, formability, and corrosion resistance.

Properties and characteristics of 8011-O aluminum foil:
1. Strong barrier properties, with good moisture resistance and light-shielding properties;
2. Clean and hygienic, with uniform color and high surface flatness, without spots and pinholes;
3. Strictly in accordance with industry standards, it is safe to use;
4. Strong mechanical properties, good toughness, high burst resistance, and strong puncture and tear resistance.

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