Five Bar Aluminum Tread Plate 5052 H114 Aluminum Tread Plate Price

Five-bar patterned aluminum plate is one of the commonly used aluminum tread plates, with a good anti-slip effect and is widely recognized by users. It is also called “stucco” because its pattern resembles willow leaves. Five-bar aluminum checker plate is widely used in industries such as floor anti-skid, carriage, platform, construction, decoration, and so on.

Information of Five Bar Aluminum Tread Plate

The five-ribbed aluminum tread plate is a commonly used aluminum checker plate with excellent anti-skid effect and is widely recognized by users. Because of its pattern similar to willow leaves, it is also called a willow leaf patterned plate. The five-ribbed patterned aluminum plate is widely used in industries such as anti-skid flooring, carriages, platforms, buildings, and decoration.

Due to the different requirements for the material and pattern of aluminum tread plates in different industries and fields, different series should be selected for different applications. Aluminum Tread Plates can be divided into ordinary patterned aluminum plates, mainly using 1060 as the main material, which does not need to be suspended and bear no weight. They are generally suitable for car bottoms and cold storage.

Aluminum-manganese alloy patterned aluminum plate mainly uses 3003 series as raw material for processing. It has high strength and strong impact resistance, and its anti-corrosion and anti-rust properties are also excellent. It is mostly used in carriage and body applications.

In addition, there is the aluminum-manganese alloy plate, represented mainly by the 5052 aluminum checker plate series. This type of alloy plate has relatively high strength and hardness, and also has good corrosion resistance and rust resistance. It is often used in some special places, such as ships or places that are prone to rust and need to be suspended.

The checkered aluminum plate produced by Mingtai Aluminum also has a good reputation in the industry and is one of Mingtai’s advantageous products. We can produce patterned aluminum plates of the 1xxx series, 3xxx series, 5xxx series, and 6xxx series, with main pattern types including one-bar (also known as pointer pattern aluminum plate or diamond pattern aluminum plate), two-bar, three-bar, and five-bar pattern aluminum plates. The product specifications and models are complete and can be customized according to actual needs.

Five-rib chequered aluminum plate price_5052 aluminum tread plate manufacturer price
The five-rib patterned aluminum plate_5052 aluminum tread plate price quotation varies in the market, which is influenced by many factors, mainly due to the product’s specifications, models, conditions, selected manufacturers, and the price of aluminum ingots, among others. Henan Mingtai Aluminum Industry, a manufacturer with more than 20 years of experience, has strict factory quality standards, complete product specifications, and self-production and sales, which is much cheaper than intermediaries. There are discounts at the beginning of the year. For specific information on the price of five-rib patterned aluminum plate_5052 aluminum tread plate price, you can click on the online consultation or directly contact whatsapp:+86-17760728273 to get professional advice on selecting the appropriate product based on your actual needs and other relevant information.

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