Advantages Of 6063 Aluminum Alloy In The Use Of Automotive Structural Parts

Aluminum alloy is the most widely used non-ferrous metal structural material in the industry. With the rapid development of science and technology and industrial economy in recent years, the demand for aluminum alloy is increasing. Taking 6063 aluminum alloy as an example, 6063 aluminum plate is used for automobile structural parts. It is the representative aluminum plate product in the 6 series aluminum plate alloy. It has excellent processing performance, excellent weldability, extrudability and electroplating, good corrosion resistance, toughness, easy polishing, upper coating, and excellent anodizing effect. It is a typical extruded alloy used in the body structure material of high-speed passenger cars.

The 6063 aluminum plate for automobiles is strengthened by heat treatment, has high impact toughness, is not sensitive to notch, and has developed a wide range of advantages due to its good plasticity, moderate heat treatment strength, good welding performance, and gorgeous color and luster on the surface after anodizing treatment. market.

The 6063 alloy aluminum plate for automobiles has a very smooth surface after processing, and is easy to anodize and color. It has excellent weldability and corrosion resistance, and has no tendency to stress corrosion cracking. It is widely used in automotive lightweight, aerospace, ship plate and other fields, and has an excellent reputation .

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