70 tons .255” Alum floor plate 5052 H32 delivered to the Palm City, FL.

Mingtai Aluminum has recently completed a significant order, successfully delivering 70 tons of 5052 H32 aluminum flooring Plate to a customer in Palm City, Florida. This delivery not only demonstrates Mingtai Aluminum’s outstanding strength in aluminum material manufacturing but also further consolidates its leading position in the domestic and international markets.

Customer Demand:
I hope you can help me with the following item. Looking for the following material into best port/location for material to be delivered to my facility in Palm City, FL. Tampa seems logical but please let me know which port would be best fit.
150,000# of .255 Alum floor plate 5052 H32 -Split into the following sizes.
36.000” x 192.000”
48.000” x 192.000”
60.000” x 192.000”
Please provide best pricing as well as best port as well as transloading company at that port.

Mingtai Aluminum promptly responded to the inquiry, offering competitive pricing, superior product quality, and expedited delivery options. Following negotiations and agreement on terms, the client placed an order for a substantial quantity of .255” Alum floor plate 5052 H32 to be delivered to the facility in Palm City, FL.

Alum floor plate 5052 is processed from 5052 aluminum plate as raw material, which has good corrosion resistance and is usually used in special places. Such as ships, carriages and other humid environment, this kind of aluminum plate hardness is high, has a certain bearing capacity. Is the most widely used rustproof aluminum, this alloy has high strength, especially fatigue resistance, high plasticity, and cannot be strengthened by heat treatment. It has good plasticity, good weldability, and poor machinability during semi-cold work hardening. However, it can be made into a bright surface or an ultra-wide board. This is also the advantage that Mingtai Aluminum is ahead of other aluminum sheet manufacturers.

Features of 5052 5052-H32 Diamond Tread Plate
1. It has good anti-oxidation effect, which can make the life of aluminum checker plate longer.
2. Easy to clean, the surface of the aluminum checker plate is not easy to stain, just wipe it gently with a neutral detergent.
3. Good corrosion resistance and excellent weldability, can be used in ship skid plates, and canbe in the harsh environment of the ocean for a long time.
4. The tensile strength was b (MPa)173 ~ 244, and the conditional yield strength was 0.2 (MPa)≥70.

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