America 5052 aluminum plate

America 5052 aluminum plate
America 5052 aluminum plate is a conventional anti-rust aluminum alloy plate in America, with magnesium as the main alloying element. This alloy exhibits high strength, especially fatigue resistance, as well as good plasticity and corrosion resistance. The weight of America 5052 aluminum plate is lower than other alloy series in the same region, enabling low fuel consumption, low pollution, and high transportation efficiency. It is thus the preferred material in many fields in America. The currently commonly used grades are O/H32/H112 state 5052 aluminum plate.

Performance of America 5052 Aluminum Plate
America 5052 aluminum plate is a rust-resistant aluminum alloy that cannot be strengthened through heat treatment, but exhibits good plasticity in a semi-cold work hardening state. When in a cold work hardening state, its plasticity is reduced, yet its corrosion resistance remains strong. Furthermore, the weldability and cutting performance of 5052 aluminum plate are exceptional, resulting in excellent mechanical properties.

America 5052 aluminum plate price

The price of America 5052 aluminum plate is not only used in ships, but also widely used in fields such as automotive engine outer panels, bus skin, anti-slip decorative panels for buses, and automotive fuel tanks. The price per ton mainly consists of aluminum ingot prices and processing fees, which are related to the strength of the manufacturer, sales model, and product specifications. If you would like to know the detailed price of America 5052 aluminum plate, please contact us and we will provide you with a discounted quotation!

America 5052 aluminum plate China Manufacturer and supplier

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