Aluminium Sheet 3mm

What Is 3mm Aluminium Sheet?
3mm aluminum sheet is a common thickness of aluminium sheet near me. Of course, we also can produce more thin or thick aluminum sheet plate. It depends on the customer’s requirements.

Common Thickness Specifications Of Aluminum Sheet 3mm Manufacturers
3mm is a common thickness in the production of aluminum sheets, in addition, 1mm, 2mm, 5mm, 6mm, 8mm, 10mm are also popular thicknesses.

Common Size Of Aluminum Sheet 3mm
Common sizes are 1500x3000mm, 1220x2440mm. The maximum size of single-piece formed aluminum plate can reach 2000x6000mm. They are mainly used in shipbuilding, tanker bodies, trailer bodies and building construction.

Applications Of 3mm Aluminum Sheet Plate
Buildings, ACP ( double side interior pe aluminium composite panels ), wall ACM ( aluminum cladding material ), CNC machining parts, exterior aluminum laminated high-density plastic foam sheet, signage sign, aluminum sheet epe box with polyester made from 3mm aluminum sheet, decorative sheet, folded aluminium sheet, honeycomb aluminium sheet, wood coated aluminum sheet for ncn decoration, boat, etc

3mm Aluminum Sheet Price
The current normal price of 3mm aluminum sheet per pound, per kg, and per m2 (square meter) deponds on the total weight.
We need to know your requirements firstly, such as alloy, temper, width, length, quantity.
General, It’s a different price for different alloys and quantities.
The MOQ of 1 series and 3 series alloy is about 5 tons, The MOQ of 5 series and 6 series alloy is about 10 tons.
The weight calculation method is width*length*3mm*2.71(density).
Then calculate the final 3mm aluminum sheet price according to the real-time aluminum price when placing an order.

3mm Aluminum Sheet Weight
Aluminum plate weight = aluminum plate volume * density that is length * width * thickness * density.
The density of aluminum plates of different alloys is different. Taking 1060 aluminium plates as an example, the density is 2.71kg/cubic meter.
One square meter of 3mm thick 1060 aluminum plate weight = 3*1*2.71=8.13kg

Aluminium Sheet 3mm 8×4 Weight
Aluminum sheet 3mm 8×4 is a common standard. 3mm refers to the thickness of the aluminum plate. 8×4 represents the length and width, that is, the length of the 3mm aluminum plate is 8 inches (about 2.4m) and the width is 4 inches (about 1.2m). In the imperial size, 8’ x4’ is also equal to 96″x 48″. This is why we sometimes call 96 x 48 aluminum sheet.

3mm 8×4 marine aluminum plates are very common in shipbuilding. Commonly used alloy grades are 5083, 5086, 5052 and 5754, 3003, 6061 and so on. These 3mm 8×4 aluminum plates for marine use are light in weight and have excellent corrosion resistance, workability, formability, weldability, etc.

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