Mingtai Aluminum Supply 5052-H112 Aluminum Plate for Large Silo Facility

Mingtai Aluminum, a leading Chinese aluminum plate for silo facility supplier and exporter, recently announced it will provide 5052-H112 aluminum plate to construct an aluminum silo system with 150,000 metric tons of storage capacity. The silo facility will serve one of China’s largest grain processing and distribution centers.
The silo complex requires a non-corrosive, low-maintenance material able to withstand extreme weather exposure and temperatures. Mingtai’s 5052-H112 marine-grade aluminum plate offers superior strength, corrosion resistance and formability for demanding large-scale silo applications. According to the project’s purchasing director, 5052-H112 aluminum plate was selected for its proven durability and cost-efficiency versus traditional steel.

“Using 5052-H112 aluminum plate enables us to build bigger silos at lower cost while avoiding the deterioration and frequent repairs required for steel,” said the director. “Its non-sparking properties also improve safety for handling combustible grain dusts. Mingtai is providing a total solution including the aluminum, fabrication and installation to simplify construction and control quality.”
Mingtai’s integrated production capabilities will produce over 10,000 metric tons of customized 5052-H112 plate for the silo complex. With strong in-house extrusion, rolling and fabrication expertise focused on constructability, Mingtai ensures seamless integration of the massive aluminum components for maximum functionality and longevity.
specifications for 5052-H112 aluminum plate for large-scale silos:
•Thickness: 0.15-600mm
•Width: 20-2650mm
•Typical applications: Silos, hoppers, granaries, automotive panels, molds, etc.

5052-H112 aluminum plate features:
•Superior strength and corrosion resistance suited to harsh environments. 5052-H112 forms a protective oxide film even in salty air and resists weathering.
•Exceptional formability allowing complex fabrication into large silo components. It is readily welded and shaped to precise dimensions.
•Non-sparking for safe handling of combustible materials like grain. Unlike steel, 5052-H112 will not ignite volatile dusts on impact or friction.
•Lightweight for easier transportation and construction. 5052-H112 is one-third the density of steel, enabling larger silos at lower cost.
•High recyclability supporting sustainable material usage. 5052-H112 can be recycled repeatedly without quality degradation.
•Low maintenance with good surface finish. 5052-H112 plate does not usually require painting and prevents buildup of stored contents.

With these benefits, the 5052-H112 marine grade aluminum plate from Mingtai Aluminum proves an ideal, affordable material for massive silo and storage tank systems promoting operational efficiency, safety and sustainability. For your high-volume plate requirements in critical applications, contact Mingtai—they make the difference through forging partnerships with premium metals and expertise enabling progress at every dimension.

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