Aluminum Strip


Width: 30mm

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Aluminum Coil and Strip Description

Aluminum sheet & foil in the form of rolls with a thickness > 0.2mm, a width 20mm to 100mm is generally called aluminium strip. The common name for aluminium strip that is produced in small strip widths is usually split strip. Aluminium sheets are cut into a required by slitting tooling, the raw material of aluminum strip is pure aluminium or aluminum alloy hot rolled cast-rolling aluminum coil and hot-rolled coil. Through a cold-rolled machine to form different thickness and width of the rolling sheet and aluminum coil, and then the vertical cutting and slitting machine for different width of the strip. And the thickness<0.2mm, we call it aluminum foil strip or aluminum foil coil.

Mingtai is the leading manufacturer and exporter of aluminum strip in China. Our aluminum strip is manufactured according to standard procedures, which are studied to get high performances from every application field. The common characteristic of all Mingtai’s products are versatility, this is the reason why you can use our aluminium strip with excellent results in your professional operations. If you need specific consultation about the uses of aluminum strip, please contact us without hesitation.

Features of Mingtai Al. Produciton Aluminium Strip:

  • 1 Excellent roll forming and welding properties
  • 2 High strength combined with high elongation
  • 3 Extremely consistent material characteristic
  • 4 Excellent corrosion properties
  • 5 Special thermo-mechanical performance
  • 6 Good adhesion between aluminum
  • 7 Higher creep resistance at elevated temperature
  • 8 Prominent formability
  • 9Excellent flexibility and better bending properties

Technical Parameter of Mingtai Al. Aluminium Strip


1050, 1060, 1070, 1100, 1035, 1200, 2024, 3003, 3004, 3104, 5005, 5052, 5056, 5754, 6061, 7075, 8011, etc.


O, H14, H18, H24, T




15mm-1200mm (can be customized)





Tensile strength

≥120 mpa

Yield strength

< 95 N/mm2


> 20%


As per your requirements


Mill Finish, Plain, Color Coated



Further Fabrication

Deep Drawing, Anodizing


3 tons

Price terms


Payment terms

30% deposit in advance,70% balance payment by TT or LC

Applications of Aluminium Strip:


Commercial freezer

Cable wrap


Anti-theft strips

Aluminium/plastic composite pipes

Shoes eyelet

Aluminum strips are wide-ranging used in the building industry, industrial constructions, air-conditioning and ventilation, automotive industry and equipment components in diverse products.

Aluminium Strip Production Process

Aluminium Ingot/Master Alloys — Melting Furnace — Holding Furnace — Slab — Hot Rolling — Cold Rolling — Slitting machine (vertical cutting to narrow width) — Annealing Furnace (unwinding) — Final Inspection — Packing — Delivery

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