Aluminum Foils for Pharmaceutical Packaging

When it comes to pharmaceutical packaging, aluminum foil is a widely utilized material due to its exceptional barrier properties against light, oxygen, and moisture. Numerous types of aluminum foils for pharmaceutical packaging are available in the market, each possessing unique properties and suitability for distinct pharmaceutical packaging needs. Nevertheless, the most commonly utilized aluminum foils are 8011, 8021, and 8079.

8011 Aluminum Foil
8011 aluminum foil is a widely utilized aluminum foil product. It boasts exceptional moisture resistance, excellent light blocking capabilities, and superior barrier properties. These attributes make it well-suited for packaging tablets, capsules, and pills. Additionally, it can be used for blister packaging of drugs that are sensitive to moisture and light. Characterized by its soft and malleable nature, the foil is easy to fold and seal, making it an ideal choice for automated packaging processes.

8021 Aluminum Foil
8021 aluminum foil is a high-strength aluminum foil with excellent moisture resistance, light blocking, and barrier properties. It offers superior tensile strength and elongation compared to 8011 aluminum foil, making it well-suited for packaging heavy drugs. The exceptional strength of 8021 aluminum foil is ideal for providing a robust barrier against moisture and oxygen for drugs that require extra protection from these elements. Additionally, it is suitable for packaging drugs that are sensitive to moisture and light.

8079 Aluminum Foil
8079 aluminum foil is a resilient and sturdy foil, offering excellent resistance to moisture, effective light blockage, and superior barrier properties. Its flexibility makes it an ideal choice for packaging irregularly shaped drugs, while its suitability for moisture- and light-sensitive medications is unparalleled. The foil’s robustness also lends itself well to packaging heavier drugs.

In conclusion, all three types of aluminum foils, 8011, 8021, and 8079, are suitable for pharmaceutical packaging. However, the choice of aluminum foil depends on the specific needs of the drug and the packaging requirements. For instance, 8011 aluminum foil is ideal for tablets, capsules, and pills, while 8021 aluminum foil is suitable for heavier drugs. 8079 aluminum foil, being flexible, is well-suited for irregularly shaped drugs. It is imperative to consult a packaging expert to determine the optimal aluminum foil for your pharmaceutical packaging needs.

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