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Alloy: 8011/1100


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Cable Aluminum Foil Mingtai Aluminum manufacturer

In electrical cables, aluminium foil is an essential component providing long-term protection. It also insulates against magnetic and radio frequency emissions. Used in fibre-optic cables, aluminium foil acts as a ‘tracer’ to enable testing of the integrity of cable links.

Cable aluminum foil gives a long-term protection to cable and prevents it from moisture and other naturally occurring elements. Mingtai Aluminum foil mainly supplies 1000 series and 8000 series cable wrap foil, and the typical alloy are 1100, 8011, etc.

Main Properties of Mingtai Production Cable Foil

  • 1Protection against naturally corrosive elements
  • 2 Insulation against magnetic and radio frequencies
  • 3 Impermeability
  • 4 Dead fold / formable
  • 5 Resistant to high temperatures
  • 6 Highly machinable
  • 7 Lightweight
  • 8 Recyclable

Technical Parameter of Cable Foil


8079 / 1200 / 8021










Bright / Matte


A grade

Coil inner diameter

 150 / 152mm

Technical Specifications of Cable Aluminum Foil:

◆ Thickness: 0.15-0.2mm

◆ Width: 250-1280mm

◆ Material (alloy): 8011

◆ Aluminum is lighter in weight and more cost effective than copper.

◆ Thicker film substrates provide higher dielectric and tensile strength.

◆ Thicker foil substrates provide higher conductivity and tensile strength, and lower signal attenuation

Aluminium foil provides perfect protection against magnetic fields and radio frequencies. At the same time, it is formable, impermeable and resistant to high temperatures.

These properties make foil ideal for shielding data or electrical cables and have established it as an indispensable material for this application.

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