China 8021 pharmaceutical foil in Bangladesh

China Mingtai Aluminum Exports 8021 Pharmaceutical Foil to Major Bangladeshi Drug Manufacturers

Mingtai Aluminum, a leading Chinese aluminum foil producer, recently announced an order of 8021-O aluminum foil from a major pharmaceutical company in Bangladesh. The foil will be used to package generic antibiotic and pain relief tablets for distribution in Bangladesh and export to other Asian and Middle Eastern countries.

8021 aluminum foil is an ideal material for blister and strip packaging of pharmaceutical products. Its properties include:
Excellent moisture and oxygen barrier: 8021 aluminum foil protects contents from environmental exposure and oxidation, maintaining shelf life and potency.
Heat sealable: 8021 foil can be sealingly bonded to either polymer-coated or uncoated materials using standard heat sealing equipment. This allows for efficient blister pack production.
Printable: The surface of 8021 foil accepts graphics and text cleanly using offset, flexo and digital printing methods. This enables product marking and branding.
Chemically resistant: 8021 foil withstands exposure to a range of pharmaceutical chemicals, inks and adhesives without breaking down or contaminating contents.
Formable: 8021 alloy has good formability for shaping into blister cavities, trays and other pack components.

“We are proud to be a trusted partner supplying premium 8021 pharmaceutical foil to major drug companies in Bangladesh and worldwide,” said Mingtai’s marketing director. “Our mission is providing resources and solutions enabling companies to deliver essential medicines and healthcare supplies every day. We achieve this through aluminum materials manufactured sustainably, expertly tailored and affordably priced.”

According to the director, Mingtai aluminum aims to forge long-term relationships with pharmaceutical companies abroad through dedicated customer service, innovative solutions and a shared commitment to high standards. The 8021 foil order demonstrates their ability serving major medical organizations globally through value-added collaboration and the eco-friendly, cost-effective materials vital to advancing public health.

Discover why pharmaceutical brands rely on Mingtai’s 8021 foil for sustainable, compliant and affordable packaging solutions. For premium 8021 pharmaceutical foil and superior lead times, contact Mingtai Aluminum today. They make a vital difference through recognizing life-saving missions as their own and delivering quality tailored to serve communities far and wide. Trust Mingtai for essential inputs engineered for a better future of healthcare achieved together.

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