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Aluminum Foil for Yogurt Lid Sealing

Aluminium foil is the best and safest option for the sealing of cups for dairy, coffee, water, food containers, bottles, glasses, cans and other non-food products. Due to its unique properties, aluminium foil does not only protect against day or artificial light, odours, suspended particles or humidity but also helps in reducing the environmental impact of the product by extending its shelf life.

Semi-hard lidding foil may give improved printing result, great workability, puncture resistance and application without embossing.

Main Properties of Mingtai Production Cable Foil

  • 1Can be printed. The letter and design is correct, clear, fastness, non-fade in high-temperature heat seal process. but at we mingtai aluminum, we just accept bare aluminum foil jumbo rolls, no painting.
  • 2 Good sealing strength with flat and tight sealing, with leakage resistant ,dampproof and shockproof;
  • 3 Suitable for heat-sealing by hand or Auto machine;
  • 4 Aluminum foil raw materials come from excellent suppliers, make sure products can conform eligible animalcule and pinhole limit

Specification of Lidding & Yogurt Aluminum Foil


8079 / 8001




0.03~0.05mm(Tolerance +/-4%)


200~1700mm(Tolerance +/- 1.0 mm)




Bright / Matte

Coil inner diameter

 150 /75 mm

Applications of Lidding & Yogurt Aluminum Foil

◆ Beverages

◆ Cosmetics

◆ Flavored Drinks

◆ Food Stuffs

◆ Powders

◆ Yogurt

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