Manufacturer of 1060|1070|5052 aluminum alloy for photovoltaic inverters

Photovoltaic inverters are crucial electronic components in solar power systems and play a significant role in determining the power generation of a solar plant. They account for 5%-7% of the total investment in the plant and involve advanced technology.

Inverter casings are made of aluminum. The specifications of the aluminum alloys used for photovoltaic inverters include:

Common alloy grades: 1060, 1070, 5052 (O temper)

Our company’s new product: 3004-O aluminum alloy deep-drawn product

Stretching depth: 100-220mm

Inverter casings are made of aluminum. The advantages of using 1060|1070|5052 aluminum alloy for photovoltaic inverters includ

1. Tensile strength.


Due to the higher hardness of 3004 alloy compared to 1070 alloy in the same temper, it can be used as a substitute in order to reduce the thickness of the casing and consequently lower the product procurement cost.

In cases where the performance is similar or equivalent, the 3004 alloy can also be used as a substitute for the 5052 alloy. It offers price advantages and faster delivery times during special periods (normal delivery time is 30 days).

2. the 3004 alloy has a fine texture, making it easy to manufacture stamped products. Additionally, the 3004 alloy is classified as a corrosion-resistant aluminum product and exhibits excellent anti-oxidation performance.

Inverter casings are made of aluminum. Photovoltaic inverters use 1060|1070|5052 aluminum alloy. Manufacturer-direct sales with discounted prices

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