3003 aluminum sheet for battery pack

Battery pack: Generally, it is composed of multiple battery cells combined together. Additionally, it includes features such as a battery management system (BMS). It is the final product provided to users by the battery manufacturer.

With the continuous advancement of lithium battery technology, there are now various categories of lithium batteries available, such as cylindrical cells, pouch cells, and prismatic cells with aluminum casings. As the demand for larger capacity in electric vehicles increases, cylindrical cells are more suitable for smaller capacities, while pouch cells and prismatic cells with aluminum casings are currently more suitable for high-capacity power batteries. The prismatic aluminum for new energy battery packs is widely adopted by domestic automotive companies, thanks to its high energy density, low integration difficulty, and the packaging process that helps reduce the gaps between cells, making the overall structure more compact.

The new energy battery pack utilizes 3-series aluminum alloy for the battery casing

Chemical composition standard: GB/T 3190-2020

Chemical performance execution standard: GB/T 3880-2012

Alloy: 3003

Alloy condition: H14

Thickness range (mm): 0.8 – 3

Width range (mm): 100 – 300

The battery casing for new energy battery packs is made of excellent 3-series aluminum alloy sheet

With the introduction of sustainable development strategies, new energy vehicles have become the direction for future automotive development. As is well known, lithium batteries are the core components of these energy vehicles, and they require high-quality materials. The battery casing for new energy battery packs uses 3-series 3003 aluminum alloy sheets.

These sheets are lightweight, resulting in a lighter vehicle body, which helps reduce fuel consumption and improve the vehicle’s range. The aluminum alloy material used in the battery casing exhibits strong plasticity, higher consistency, stable performance, high elongation, and is easy to stamp and weld. Moreover, it offers a relatively longer lifespan.

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