Mingtai 3004 container foil- 3004 food container aluminum foil jumbo rolls

As people’s living standards continue to improve, there is increasing emphasis on food hygiene. Aluminum foil is used for food containers due to its cleanliness, safety, and healthiness. Aluminum foil meal boxes are widely used utensils at present. Disposable meal boxes use 3004 container foil, which offers stable performance and competitive pricing.

Information related to the use of 3004 aluminum foil for single-compartment meal boxes

Thickness: 0.018-0.3mm;

Width: 100-1800

Length: C

Temper: O、H22、H24

Application areas: Meal box materials, food foil, container foil, etc.

Excellent performance of using 3004 aluminum foil for single-compartment meal boxes

1. Food-grade, clean oil removal, minimal pinholes, excellent plate shape.

2. Good plate shape, non-deformable during cutting, and easy to process.

3. Excellent sealing performance, strong light-shielding ability, good insulation and fragrance preservation, and prevents microbial growth.

4. High cleanliness, hygiene, safety, and health.

5. Can be easily recycled and reused, promoting environmental protection and resource conservation.

Manufacturer of 3004 aluminum foil for single-compartment meal boxes_ Supplier pricing of 3004 container foil

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