recycled aluminum foil 3004 for food container manufacturer

The domestic pre-packaged meal industry is experiencing rapid growth due to various factors such as the improvement of residents’ living standards, increased demand for cooking convenience, and the trend towards restaurant chain operations. With the popularity of pre-packaged meals, the demand for aluminum foil used in meal box packaging has also been steadily increasing. Now, let’s take a closer look at the performance of aluminum foil for food containers, specifically the 3004 aluminum foil for container packaging.

Specification information for aluminum foil used in pre-made meal containers:

●Thickness: 0.02-0.20mm

●Order capacity: 3-5000 tons

●Application areas: Pre-made meal container materials, aluminum food containers, wrinkle-free containers, airline meal containers, etc.

Manufacturer of 3004 aluminum foil as raw material for food container production (does not perform subsequent processes such as lamination, printing, adhesive, etc., only provides aluminum foil substrate).

Advantages of Recycled aluminum foil 3004 for food container

Lightweight, excellent barrier properties, easy storage, and packaging, low transportation costs, capable of high-temperature sterilization such as pasteurization and retort sterilization, aluminum foil packaging is suitable for sealing various products requiring long shelf life, including pies, canned meats, preserves, sauces, processed cheese, coffee creamer, and vegetarian pastes. It is convenient to use and helps ensure the freshness of food. Additionally, aluminum foil can be utilized in non-food applications and various industrial sectors such as the pharmaceutical industry.

Recycled Aluminum Container Foil – 3004 aluminum foil for food container

Henan Mingtai Aluminum Industry is a large-scale aluminum foil for food container manufacturer production. We can handle orders for 3003 aluminum foil substrates used in food container materials, ranging from 3 to 5000 tons. Our products are safe, hygienic, and environmentally friendly, with high cleanliness, excellent sealing performance, and energy-saving properties. As a result, they are highly favored by customers. We offer a delivery time of 7-35 days and provide global export services. Our products are known for their stable quality, ensuring a trustworthy purchasing experience. For more product details, please click on the online consultation on the right or call our hotline at 008617760728273, where our professional staff will provide you with detailed answers.

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