Utilizing 5083 Aluminum Plate in the Construction of Aluminum Alloy Oil Tank Trucks

Tank trucks are vehicles designed for transporting a variety of substances, such as liquids, liquefied gases, and powdered goods. This includes items like gasoline, crude oil, different types of oils, vegetable oils, liquid ammonia, alcohol, water, various acidic or alkaline liquids, cement, and lead oxide powder. Due to their excellent economic, environmental, and safety features, aluminum alloy tank trucks have emerged as the preferred choice. The commonly employed materials for these tanks include 5083 aluminum plate, 5754 aluminum plate, 5454 aluminum plate, and 5182 aluminum plate.

Mingtai Aluminum caters to the needs of tank truck manufacturers by offering top-quality aluminum plates:
Mingtai Aluminum Industry specializes in providing aluminum alloy plates for tank cars. Our capabilities extend to the production and supply of various aluminum plate models, such as 5083, 5754, 5454, and 5182. Whether you require 8 tons or 5000 tons, we are equipped to fulfill orders and cater to global exports.

Advantages of Aluminum Alloy for Tank Trucks:

1. Utilizing aluminum alloy as the primary material imparts a lighter weight to the tank trucks, enhancing the overall payload capacity. This results in a remarkable 18% – 35% increase in the amount of cargo transported per shipment compared to traditional carbon steel tank trucks.

2. The chemical stability of aluminum alloy surpasses that of regular carbon steel by over 70%, leading to superior corrosion resistance. This heightened durability significantly lowers maintenance costs for the tank body.

3. In terms of aesthetics, aluminum alloy tank trucks boast a more attractive appearance without the need for paint, facilitating effortless cleaning.

4. The outstanding characteristics of aluminum alloy contribute to an extended service life for tank trucks. Well-maintained older aluminum alloy tank bodies can be seamlessly transferred onto new chassis, and even if the tank body reaches the end of its life cycle, its high recycling value remains noteworthy.

Specifications for Aluminum Plates on the Tank Body of 5083 Tank Car:

◆ Plate Thickness: 0.1-500mm

◆ Plate Width: 100-2650mm

Check out the advantages of Mingtai Aluminum Industry in manufacturing 5083 Tank Car Aluminum Plates:

◆ The 5083 aluminum alloy sheet boasts excellent malleability, making it easy to process and exceptionally shapeable.

◆ With robust weldability, the 5083 aluminum alloy sheet is suitable for various welding techniques, including gas welding, arc welding, contact spot welding, and wire welding.

◆ Providing slip resistance, rust prevention, and formidable corrosion resistance, the 5083 aluminum alloy sheet excels in durability.

◆ Mingtai Aluminum Industry incorporates trace amounts of Be during the production of 5083 aluminum plates, mitigating ingot cracking tendencies and enhancing the surface quality of rolled plates.

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