Wide-span 5005 Aluminum Plate for Curtain Wall Applications

The 5005 Ultra-Wide Curtain Wall Aluminum Plate offers exceptional weather resistance, effectively safeguarding against harmful ultraviolet rays. With its remarkable stability, the color and luster retain their original charm for over a decade. Additionally, it boasts excellent adhesion, remains unaffected by external factors, and sports a sleek surface coating. Easy to maintain, the coating repels stains and is effortless to clean. Constructed using high-quality 5005 aluminum plate, this exceptional curtain wall offers numerous benefits.
In the realm of curtain wall aluminum plates, the prevalent thickness options in the market include 1.5mm, 2.0mm, 2.5mm, and 3.0mm. MingtaiAluminum, however, takes a step further by producing the 5005 ultra-wide curtain wall aluminum plate, boasting an expansive width that can reach up to 2650mm. Renowned for its medium strength and commendable corrosion resistance, the 5005 variant shares a processing versatility akin to the 3003 alloy. This distinctive offering not only expands the range of options but also underscores MingtaiAluminum’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of curtain wall solutions.

What distinguishes the 5005 ultra-wide curtain wall aluminum plate?
◆Featherlight yet Sturdy: Boasting exceptional rigidity, the aluminum panel curtain wall stands as a testament to both its lightweight nature and high strength. This combination not only facilitates a swift and trouble-free installation process but also deems it a fitting choice for towering structures.
◆Malleable Craftsmanship: The aluminum panel curtain wall is endowed with superb craftsmanship, allowing for effortless processing and forming. Through a sequential application of meticulous processing followed by precision painting, it can take on a myriad of shapes and designs with ease.
◆Eco-friendly Recycling: A champion of sustainability, the aluminum panel curtain wall embraces recyclability and reusability. This not only aligns with environmental conservation goals but also underscores its commitment to a greener, more responsible approach in the realm of construction materials.

5005 curtain wall aluminum plate dimensions
◆Thickness range: 1-500mm
◆Width range: 100-2650mm (width can be 2650mm)
◆Material Status:F,O,H12,H14,H16,H18,H19,H22,H24,H26,H28,H32,H34,H36,H38,H111,H112,H114
◆Applicable fields: curtain wall panels, cooking utensils, instrument shells, architectural decorations, oxide materials, etc.
◆Distinctive Features: Demonstrating excellent solubility and remarkable processing capabilities, the 5005 aluminum plate stands out with its moderate strength, robust corrosion resistance, low density, high tensile strength, and impressive elongation properties. Its versatility extends across various industries, making it a preferred choice for a wide range of applications.

Distinguished as an aluminum-magnesium alloy, the 5005 aluminum plate exhibits a stability in performance that surpasses that of its 1 and 3 series counterparts.

What makes the 5005 aluminum plate the preferred choice for aluminum alloy curtain walls?
Aluminum has emerged as the second most utilized metal structural material in construction, trailing only steel. Among the key applications within the construction sector are aluminum doors, windows, and curtain walls. The utilization of 5005 aluminum plate in curtain walls is attributed to its favorable material characteristics. Boasting a low density, optimal strength, commendable chemical stability, high electrical conductivity, impressive radiation performance, and suitability for anodizing, the 5005 aluminum plate proves to be an easily processable and versatile solution for curtain wall installations.

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