Why 3004 aluminum foil can be used for food container or lunch box

3004 aluminum foil is a popular choice for food container and lunch box liner material due to its excellent barrier properties, formability and corrosion resistance. 3004 aluminum alloy has slightly higher strength than 1100 or 1145 soft aluminum foils, giving it improved durability for applications where puncture resistance and longer product shelf life are important.

3004 aluminum foil achieves the qualities essential for food packaging and containers:

Non-toxic and odorless: 3004 foil is food-grade, meeting safety standards for direct contact with edible goods. It does not impart any toxic chemicals or metallic taste/smell to packaged items.

Moisture barrier: 3004 aluminum foil provides an excellent vapor barrier, protecting against humidity and oxidation. This helps keep food fresh by preventing moisture transfer or gain.

Grease/oil barrier: 3004 container aluminum foil also serves as an effective grease barrier, allowing for packaging and lining oily foods. It prevents leakage and stain issues.

Light barrier: 3004 aluminum foil blocks UV light exposure, helping maintain nutritional value and prevent spoilage by blocking wavelengths that can cause food to break down.

Formable: 3004 aluminum alloy has good formability, allowing the foil to be embossed or shaped with tight tolerances. It can be formed into trays, container bodies, lids, and other shapes.

Weldable: 3004 aluminum foil has strong weldability, enabling container components to be sealed and shaped by welding and joining pieces together. This produces a tight, durable finished product.

Recyclable: Like all aluminum alloys, 3004 aluminum container foil is highly recyclable. It can be recycled repeatedly with minimal loss in properties, supporting sustainability.

Affordable: 3004 aluminum alloy is cost-effective compared to other aluminum grades, reducing material expenses. It provides essential properties for food packaging at a lower cost.

With its unique combination of food-safe, formable, barrier, and recyclable properties, 3004 aluminum foil offers an optimized solution for manufacturers of recyclable food containers, trays, lunch boxes, and liners. 3004 aluminum foil helps enable high product quality and shelf life at a lower overall cost and environmental impact.

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