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1060, 3003, 5052, and 5083 Aluminum sheets and coils with embossed patterns, also recognized as non-slip aluminum panels, aluminum diamond plate, aluminum checker plate, aluminum checkerboard, textured aluminum sheets, or patterned aluminum plates. These tread plates are produced by rolling with specialized presses to create raised designs on the surface of aluminum flat sheets. Among the various patterned plates, the five-bar design, resembling five willow leaves, is the most prevalent.

Classification of 1060 3003 5052 5083 Aluminum Tread Plate Coil
Standard Aluminum Checkered Sheets: The 1060 aluminum checker plate finds widespread application in regular settings due to its economical pricing. It is commonly employed in cold storage facilities, flooring solutions, external packaging, and more.

Manganese-Alloyed Aluminum Checker Plate: The 3003 aluminum checker plate, also known as rust-resistant aluminum, boasts superior strength compared to the 1060 variant. It offers good rust prevention but falls behind the 5000 series in terms of hardness and corrosion resistance. This material is often chosen for applications where rust prevention is not a stringent requirement, such as truck bodies and cold storage flooring.

Magnesium-Alloyed Aluminum Checker Plates: Both 5052 and 5083 aluminum checker plates excel in hardness, corrosion resistance, and rust-proofing capabilities. Possessing a decent load-bearing capacity, they are typically deployed in ships, carriage lights, and other humid environments.

Pattern Types of 1060 3003 5052 5083 Aluminum Tread Plate Coil
1. Five bars pattern aluminum plate: Five bars anti-slip aluminum plate has good anti-skid ability and is widely used in building (floor) platform design and other anti-slip places. Because the pattern on the surface of the aluminum plate is arranged relatively parallel to five concave and convex patterns, and each pattern has an angle of 60-80 degrees with other patterns. Five bars pattern aluminum plate has excellent anti-skid properties, making it a preferred choice for safety-conscious applications.

2. Diamond pattern aluminum plate: The surface of the diamond aluminum plate has a series of small diamond-shaped protrusions, which have high compression resistance. It is widely used for packaging purposes and provide a beautiful and attractive appearance.

3. Pointer pattern aluminum plate: The pointer anti-slip aluminum plate has basically the same effect as the five-rib pattern aluminum plate, this pattern is widely used in vehicle flooring, service platforms, freezer floors, production workshop floors, and elevator cabins.

4. Lentil pattern aluminum plate: is also known as the “Dutch bean” pattern, it is a commonly used style of anti-skid aluminum plate with good anti-skid effect. It is mainly used for anti-skid carriages, platforms, anti-skid cold storage floors, anti-skid workshop floors, and anti-skid elevators.

5.Orange peel pattern aluminum sheet roll: classic orange peel pattern aluminum sheet coil, variant orange peel pattern aluminum sheet (also known as little bug pattern). Its surface shows a pattern similar to orange peel, which is a commonly used for refrigerators, air conditioners and packaging.

Specification of 1060 3003 5052 5083 Aluminum Tread Plate Coil

Alloy 1 Series 1060
3 Series 3003
5 Series 5052,5083
Temper O, H12, H14, H16, H18, H22, H24, H26, H32, H34, H36, H38, H111, H112, H114
Thickness (mm) 0.8-8.0
Width (mm) 800-2500
Length (mm) C
Surface Bright finish, Mill finish
Bar difference 1 bar (Diamond/Pointer), 2 bar, 3 bar, big/small 5 bar
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