Mexico 1050 O aluminum for car heat shields

In the realm of automotive heat protection, aluminum alloys reign supreme as the preferred material, owing to their commendable lightness and exceptional heat resistance. Regarded as the paramount solution for managing radiant heat issues, aluminum heat shields excel in their efficacy. Aluminum boasts superior thermal conductivity and minimal emissivity, positioning it as the prime candidate for heat shield applications. It effectively withstands temperatures soaring up to 650°C, significantly reducing radiant heat by an impressive 90%.

Owing to its outstanding formability and thermal conductivity, 1050 aluminum alloy finds widespread applications across numerous sectors. Its ‘O’ designation signifies an annealed condition, achieved through a heat treatment that reduces stress and enhances moldability. As a result, it is ideal for fabricating a diverse range of automotive components, particularly heat shields. Boasting relative softness, exceptional formability, and ease of shaping, 1050 O aluminum alloy also lends itself to embossing, allowing for product characteristics that precisely align with practical requirements.

Why choose 1050 O aluminum plate coil for car heat shields?
1. Excellent Formability: 1050 aluminum alloy, with its ‘O’ status indicating an annealed condition, has undergone a heat treatment process that relieves stress and significantly improves its formability. This makes it easy to mold into the desired shapes and contours for heat shield applications in cars.
2. High Thermal Conductivity: Aluminum, in general, is known for its good thermal conductivity. 1050 aluminum alloy, specifically, is no exception. Its ability to efficiently conduct heat away from critical components helps maintain optimal operating temperatures within the vehicle.
3. Soft Material: The ‘O’ state of 1050 aluminum alloy signifies a relatively soft material. This softness not only aids in the forming process but also allows for embossing, if needed, to further customize the heat shield for specific applications.
4. Cost-Effectiveness: 1050 aluminum alloy is a cost-effective choice for heat shield applications. Its purity level (99.5% aluminum or higher) and simple production process contribute to its relatively low cost, making it a practical option for mass production.
5. Compliance with Standards: 1050 aluminum alloy meets or exceeds industry standards for material purity, mechanical properties, and surface quality. This ensures the reliability and durability of the heat shields made from this material.

Specification of 1050 O aluminum plate coil for car heat shields
Alloy 1050
Temper O
Thickness 0.3mm3.5mm
Width 100-2400mm
Material form Aluminum plate, Aluminum coil, Embossed aluminum plate, Embossed aluminumcoil
Package Export packaging (protective film, interleaved paper)
Samples Free A4 size


Applications of 1050 O Aluminum Sheet Coils in Automotive Thermal Protection

The 1050 aluminum sheet coils, renowned for their exceptional heat conductivity, heat dissipation capabilities, corrosion resistance, and lightweight nature, find prime utilization in the automotive sector. Their primary applications include the manufacturing of stamped components such as heat shields for automobile engines, exhaust pipes, water tanks, and other thermal protective parts.

Aluminium Car Heat Shields FAQ

A: What other aluminum alloys can be used as car heat shields?

Q: In addition to 1050 aluminum alloy, 1060/3004/5052/5754 aluminum alloy can be used as automobile heat shield. The difference lies in the application parts of different alloys. At the same time, other alloys are relatively more expensive.

A: How strong is the 1050 aluminum car heat shield?

Q: 1050 aluminum plate has good formability and welding performance, but its strength is lower compared with other aluminum alloys. Therefore, when selecting materials, you should pay attention to the strength requirements of structural parts. If you need higher strength products, you can contact our customer service for technical support.

A: What is the price and delivery situation of 1050 aluminum car heat shield?

Q: 1050 aluminum is relatively cheap and has a wide range of applications, but material supply and production cycle need to be considered to avoid delays in use. You can consult us before placing an order, and we have a professional service team to answer any questions you may have.

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