1050 aluminum sheet for automobile engine heat shield

The engine is one of the core components of a car, and its performance directly affects the competitiveness and performance level of the vehicle. The exhaust pipe heat shield plays a vital role in the engine system.

The main function of the automobile engine heat shield is heat insulation and high temperature resistance. It can effectively reduce the heat emitted by the exhaust pipe and increase the exhaust temperature, thereby enhancing the engine’s power output. The quality and effectiveness of this heat shield are crucial to engine performance, directly affecting vehicle performance and fuel efficiency.

Aluminum alloy specifications for automobile engine heat shields
◆ Alloy: 1050|1060|1100|3003|3004|5052|5754|5182
◆ Status: O
◆ Thickness: 0.12-1.5mm
The specific selection of aluminum alloy specifications must consider factors such as the use environment of the heat shield, required strength and corrosion resistance to ensure that the performance requirements of the automotive engine heat shield are met.

Performance characteristics of automobile engine exhaust pipe heat shield
1. Excellent thermal insulation effect and temperature resistance: It can maintain stability at extremely high temperatures (1200°C) and extremely low temperatures (-70°C), and has excellent thermal insulation effect.
2. Chemical stability: Resistant to corrosion by various chemical liquids, such as acids, alkalis, salts, chemical additives, etc.
3. Self-cleaning: not easily contaminated by engine oil and has good hydrophobic properties.
4. Fire-proof and flame-retardant: It complies with national standards and German standards, reaching the fire-proof level A and non-combustible.
5. Aging and weather resistance: Resistant to sunlight, rain and snow, and has excellent weather resistance and vibration resistance.
6. Convenient maintenance: easy to disassemble, install and clean, convenient for daily maintenance.
7. High strength and flexibility: It has high strength, is soft and fits closely with the exhaust pipe.
8. Highly customizable: it can be customized according to the location of the exhaust pipe to adapt to the needs of different models.
9. Sustainable use: It has a long service life and can be used repeatedly. It is also energy-saving, environmentally friendly, low-carbon, recyclable and has high value.

Chemical composition of 1050 aluminum sheet for automobile engine heat shield

Element Composition (%)
Aluminum, Al ≥99.5
Silicon, Si ≤0.25
Zinc, Zn ≤0.070
Magnesium, Mg ≤0.050
Copper, Cu ≤0.050
Titanium, Ti ≤0.050
Manganese, Mn ≤0.050
Iron, Fe ≤0.40
Other (each) ≤0.030


Physical properties of 1050 aluminum sheet for automobile engine heat shield

Properties Density Melting point
Metric 2.705 g/cm3 640°C
Imperial 0.09772 lb/in3 1184°F


Mechanical behavior of 1050 aluminum sheet for automobile engine heat shield

Properties Metric
Tensile strength (@diameter 12.7 mm/0.500 in) 75 MPa
Elongation at break 32%
Elastic modulus 73 GPa
Shear strength 50 MPa
Hardness, Brinell 20
Hardness, Vickers 22


Thermal properties of 1050 aluminum sheet for automobile engine heat shield

Properties Thermal conductivity
Metric 121-193 W/mK
Imperial 838-1338 BTU in/hr.ft2.°F

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