3003 EV battery cooling brazed aluminum alloy water cooling plate

In recent years, new energy vehicles are becoming more and more popular in our life and it will be a new trend in the future. Battery cooling is the main technology in the new energy vehicles area. Under such background, we developed a series of aluminum cooling plates used for the battery pack cooling in the new energy vehicles. Based on the recent few years’ supplying experience, we are not only supplying the products but also offering R&D recommendations, and tooling design services together with the sample supply for prototype manufacturing.

We have combined our supply chain with brazing technology, extrusion technology, CNC processing, painting, welding, etc thus ensuring our clients with one-stop sourcing for short sample delivery time and mass production cost efficiency.
According to the temperature control requirements of the battery pack, our company has developed different types of aluminum water cooling plate, including aluminum brazing water cooling plates, which has to go through stamping, bending, welding, surface treatment, machining and other processes. Each type is having its own advantages.
Relying on our strong design team and project management team, as well as the production support with many customers in China and oversea countries, we have accumulated first-hand experience,which will surely make your project fall into the ground most quickly and reliably. It has always been our mission that using materials to make technology come true.

Products introduction of 3003 EV battery cooling brazed aluminum alloy water cooling plate:
1. Specification: we can do various sizes as per customer’s requirements
2. Alloy Code: 3003/6061/6063 or other series aluminum alloy
3. Surface treatment: anodizing, polishing, mill finish etc
4. Design: OEM, ODM, or we ourselves can also provide design service
5. Equipment: CNC, extruding machine, cold drawn machine, heating oven, straightening machine, cutting machine
6. Team Support: Professional design team, technology team and sales team


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