power battery 3003 brazing aluminum water cooling plate

New energy vehicle power batteries are crucial components that provide the power source for vehicles and are the most important system in the entire vehicle. With the continuous development of lightweight technologies, the overall weight of the vehicle is significantly reduced, which can significantly improve the range of new energy vehicles. Aluminum alloy, with its low density and lightweight properties, is increasingly being used in automobiles due to its wide range of applications.

The specifications of aluminum brazing plate for automotive water cooling plates/liquid cooling plates are as follows:
1)Thickness: 0.25-3.0
2)Alloy grades: 3003, 3003mod, 3003+4045, 3003+4343, 3003mod+4343, 3003+4004

Characteristics of aluminum for new energy vehicle water cooling plates/liquid cooling plates:
1)Easy to process and shape
2)Higher performance
3)Reduction in space and weight
4)High corrosion resistance and pressure resistance
5)Good oxidation resistance and high toughness
6)Reduction in energy costs
7)High recycling value.

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