3003 aluminum sheet for radiator water tanks

With the increasing energy density and power density of the power batteries in new energy vehicles, the battery charge and discharge rates are higher, leading to increased heat generation. Traditional cooling methods such as natural cooling or air cooling are no longer sufficient to meet the requirements. Water cooling has gradually become the mainstream cooling method. The water cooling plate is an important component of the cooling management system for power batteries in new energy vehicles, effectively cooling and protecting the batteries.

The water cooling plate for power batteries in new energy vehicles has excellent performance using 3003 aluminum alloy sheet.

The main element in 3003 aluminum sheet is manganese, which provides excellent corrosion resistance. It is lightweight and has high formability for stamping. It has excellent processing properties and good weldability. It exhibits good resistance to corrosion and oxidation, high toughness, avoids deformation, and is easy to polish. These excellent characteristics make it suitable for lightweight manufacturing in the automotive industry.

The specifications of the 3003 aluminum sheet for water cooling plate and radiator of power batteries in new energy vehicles are as follows: thickness: 0.8-3.0mm; condition: O, H14, H18, etc. The specific length and width can be customized according to the actual production requirements of the users.

3003 aluminum sheet for water cooling plates and radiator water tanks in power batteries for new energy vehicles – Original manufacturer

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