8021/8079 aluminum foil for soft-pack batteries manufacturer

Soft pack batteries are packaged using aluminum foil in their structure. In the event of a safety hazard, the soft pack battery may only swell and crack, rather than explode. Mingtai’s products, as the raw material for the aluminum-plastic film of soft pack batteries, primarily utilize 8021/8079 alloys and O-temper aluminum foil.

By treating the surface of the aluminum foil in a special way, it can be used to make the inner core of soft pack batteries. The well-made inner core is then placed inside the prepared aluminum-plastic film, creating batteries for everyday electronic products. As the raw material for the battery’s inner core, Mingtai aluminum foil mainly adopts 1235 H18 aluminum alloy foil.
With careful consideration given to the thermal conductivity, electrical conductivity, and mechanical strength of the aluminum foil, along with the utilization of high-precision rolling mill equipment, precise automated control systems, proficient craftsmanship, and rigorous quality management systems, Mingtai Aluminum Industry ensures the provision of high-quality and satisfactory products to its customers.

8021/8079 aluminum foil for soft-pack batteries manufacturer specification

●Alloys: 8021 aluminum foil, 8079 aluminum foil

●Temper: O

●Thickness: 0.025-0.055mm

●Width: 100-1650mm

Mingtai Aluminum Industry, a manufacturer of aluminum foi for soft pack batteries, ensures high technical proficiency and reliable product performance. Here are some key points:

1)For casting battery foil, our factory possesses dedicated melting furnaces, holding furnaces, casting machines, a professional three-level filtration system, and experienced casting workers. A series of standardized processes guarantee product quality throughout the entire production.

2)Due to the stringent requirements for performance, surface quality, and dimensional tolerances of battery soft pack aluminum foil, control of processing parameters, process optimization, and manual inspection are essential during the hot rolling process to ensure product quality.

3)The plate surface curvature is monitored using a Zygo thickness gauge, allowing for automated control. The centerline, thickness, and temperature are measured in the hot precision rolling exit measurement center.

4)Throughout the rolling process, the company maintains strict inspection procedures, employs professional measuring instruments, and relies on experienced staff to meet the requirements of battery foil production and the final product.

Overall, Mingtai Aluminum Industry ensures high-quality aluminum for soft-pack batteries through advanced equipment, process optimization, and a skilled workforce.

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