Automotive aluminum brazing cladding plate – 3003+4045 aluminum brazing composite plate

Aluminum cladding plate and liquid cooler plates mainly play a buffering role to reduce the heat conduction of the battery core and prevent overheating, which can greatly improve battery life, improve energy density and improve space utilization of the battery.

The aluminum brazing plate is mechanically joined and can be used for heat dissipation products in several fields such as wind power converters, photovoltaic inverters, motor controllers, lasers, energy storage power supplies, etc. It is also well applied in the power battery system.

Information about aluminum brazing plate-aluminum cladding plate mateiral

Name: Power battery aluminum brazing plate

Material: Aluminum alloy

Process: Brazing

Characteristics: Lightweight, high heat-to-weight ratio, high thermal exchange efficiency, good surface temperature uniformity

Application areas: New energy vehicles, energy storage power supplies, photovoltaic inverters, lasers, etc.

Automotive water cooler plate using composite plate – 3003+4045 aluminum brazing composite material with excellent performance

The two commonly used battery brazing water-cooled structures are water-cooled plate structure and direct-cooled plate structure. Usually, aluminum brazing plate products are made by brazing two O-state aluminum plates together. One plate is punched into a channel structure to facilitate the circulation of antifreeze to continuously cool the battery.

3003 aluminum plate belongs to the aluminum-magnesium alloy series. It has excellent corrosion resistance, low density, and good strength. It has excellent ductility, strong weldability, high plasticity, easy processing and forming, and meets common processing requirements.

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