GIS high-voltage switchgear housing material 5052 aluminum plate

GIS (Gas Insulated Switchgear) is generally composed of units that fulfill various functions. The housing of GIS serves a better protective role, and there is an insulation partition between the grounding switch housing and the GIS housing. After disconnecting the grounding wire, it can be used for measuring the main circuit resistance and testing the mechanical characteristics of the circuit breaker. Rapid grounding has the ability to handle short-circuit current and the ability to handle induced current during opening and closing.
The GIS housing is essential for the overall structure, grounding, and shielding of the GIS system. There are two main materials used for GIS housing: aluminum alloy and steel. Currently, the 5052 aluminum-magnesium alloy is widely used for high-voltage distribution cabinet housings due to market demand. It offers better processability compared to steel, has a lower density, moderate strength, and exhibits good impact resistance.

The product characteristics of the GIS high-voltage switchgear housing material, the GIS housing material 5052 aluminum plate, are as follows:
The GIS housing material is made of 5052 aluminum plate, which has a small density and light weight. It exhibits excellent corrosion resistance, impact resistance, and excellent mechanical properties. It has good processability, reliable safety performance, and convenient maintenance. It possesses good resistance to corrosion, excellent electrical conductivity, and thermal conductivity. Moreover, it has relatively low cost, making it a preferred choice among market users at present.

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