3003-H14 Aluminum Alloy for Battery Enclosure Material

Mingtai Aluminum is a leading producer of 3003-H14 aluminum alloy for lithium-ion battery enclosures. With advanced rolling and annealing technology, Mingtai produces 3003-H14 aluminum coil with superior properties perfectly suited for battery shell applications:

•High Corrosion Resistance: 3003-H14 forms a protective oxide film that protects against electrolyte corrosion and environmental weathering. Its density and non-porous surface prevent moisture ingress.

•Lightweight: 3003-H14 aluminum alloy is approximately 1/3 the weight of steel, allowing lighter battery packs and enclosures for greater energy efficiency.
•Good Formability: 3003-H14 aluminum sheet can be readily stamped, drawn and folded into box sections for battery shells. It facilitates high-volume production and lower costs.
•Strong and Durable: With moderate strength, 3003-H14 aluminum enclosures provide structural protection for battery cells over a long service life.
•Safety: Unlike steel, 3003-H14 aluminum sheet will not spark upon impact and is non-magnetic. This improves safety where sparking risks explosion.
•Recyclable: 3003-H14 is highly recyclable, supporting a sustainable material cycle.
Mingtai Aluminum is an ideal supplier of 3003-H14 aluminum sheet coil for battery manufacturers and pack assemblers. With 20+ years serving the new energy sector, Mingtai understands the technical requirements and high standards for quality and responsibly sourced materials. Mingtai’s integrated aluminum facilities and certifications provide full traceability from ingot to finished coil.

3003-H14 aluminum sheet coil specifications:

•Thickness: 0.2-3mm

•Width: 500-1850mm

•Tensile Strength: 175-230MPa

•Elongation: A50 (≥50%)

•Chemical Composition: Al: Remainder; Mn: 1-1.5%; Cu: 0.05-0.2%; Fe: 0.7%

For premium 3003-H14 aluminum and a competitive advantage in the new energy industry, contact Mingtai Aluminum today. Their aluminum makes manufacturing safe, lightweight, and sustainable on a vast scale.

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